I am Andy Kaiser šŸ‘‹

I am a product creator, growth marketer and craftman. Advocator of well-crafted digital products and experiences with true innovativeness and expression.

Product Craftmanship

Not only respond to change, steadily add value

Iā€™m a strong defender of customer-centric agile approach, design thinking and raising the bar of professional software and product development. I am an advocate of well-crafted products.

As a result, I believe that development and product management not only have to respond to change, but also steadily add value. It is not only about individuals and interactions, it is about the user experience and purpose.

Product Roadmap

My product roadmap framework for founders, product management & development teams.

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Growth Experience

Not only burn šŸ’°, grow with experiences

Customer-centric digital growth strategies and tactics are my course of action. I was an early adopter of data-driven marketing and experimentation.

The goal of growth marketing is to add value to the customer journey. It is not only about selling and lead generation, it is about producing a personalized user experience and support the decision process.

Growth Canvas

My Growth Canvas inspired in the business canvas, user experience design and the AAARR framework.

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Delight every person

It is about the impact on the users, customers and people you work with.

People Impacted
Digital Products & Projects
Crafted Bikes šŸš²

Let's connect and talk

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